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I love watching videos people have made of their walks. There is the curiosity factor and the 'what am I going to be letting myself in for' factor too. If it's a bit dodgy I'd really like to see what it's like as I walk with Jessie the dog. I don't want to push her limits too much at a time let alone mine. It is videos that contain video of course, moving pictures, not a glorified slideshow with still photographs dissolving in the rain or sliding, panning, zooming from the left and the right alternately. That's enough to drive me bonkers.

So there I am watching a great video, I've got the volume up to hear what the guy is saying. Then my poor struggling ears are assaulted by noise issuing from the speakers at 11. Arrgh! I turn it down. That is better. It's not bad music just it's a bit loud compared to the voice. Then the commentary starts again. Ah. I need to turn it up again... You can see where this is going can't you.

It's not that I object to music on a video as such, but please, please make it the same level as the commentary. And secondly, think of your audience. You might like the latest megastar-rapper, but it is really appropriate for the video? Really.

Tags: wibble Written 30/12/12 

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