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Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, and a Wildcamp

I felt it time for another wildcamp, and hopefully a good walk the next day. I knew there was plenty of scope for camping anywhere around Red Tarn, and pretty much onwards up to Crinkle Crags from my walk a few weeks ago, then in thick cloud and rain. The weather forecast was for clearing skies overnight leading to possible ground frost in some valleys and high temperatures the next day. Sounded ideal. The journey up the A1 and across the bottom of the Dales was a little tedious and with my not-so-early start it was late afternoon by the time I got to Three Shire Stone at the top of Wrynose Pass. With everyone off back home for the day, or indeed the end of their weekend I didn't have any trouble getting a parking space.  read more ...



Walking in 2010

I'm going to be doing lots of walking in Scotland in 2010. I have thought about 44 Munro summit camps, being my age next birthday, but that'll be pretty tricky to find that many summits, or near summits, that are suitable. Not forgetting the fickle weather up there of course.  read more ...   (06/12/09)


Kate's Munro bash, Kinlochleven 8th August 2008

Kate hadn't climbed a Munro and various acquaintances decided something must be done, so they organised a get together and set a date. Initially I wasn't going to go but as time marched on and the thought of being left out grew too much. So I hatched a plot to join a couple of the guys on a wildcamp high in the Mamores. Friday I met up with Gordon and Sandy and we headed off into the hills.  read more ...   (04/09/08)