Wow, nearly a year!

Climbed by year and month


You have climbed 93/282 munros.

That's pretty rubbish, and slightly annoying because I know how poor it looks when you find someone's blog that looks vaguely interesting only to discover it hasn't been updated in ages and perhaps they've lost interest in it. Hmmm. My excuse is that for much of the time I wouldn't have had anything interesting let alone nice to say. And really, does anyone want to read stuff that is just a tale of woe. Well, not me!

However, for the last few months I've turned Life a round a bit. I have been working on a project that seems to be slowly coming together and it's about time it got to a wider audience. More about it will be in the next post.

I wonder where this next year will take us to?

Tags: wibble Written 02/08/12 

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