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Hmm. Christmas 2014 is upon me. I realised I've been stabbing myself with Humira for 5 years now, as I started, according to the diary, on 22st December 2009. Funny how you get used to things when you have to. I still don't like blood tests and have to look away when they stick the needle in

So I started the year at about 165pounds. Looks like I'm going to see it out at somewhere between 140 and 145pounds, which I think is pretty miraculous. Surprisingly there's not been much in the way of 'hard work', aka feeling hungry. How? Well that would be a long story for another time.

The best thing this year is probably finishing all 214 Wainwright Fells, as when I started little faith that I would complete them. So many things could have got in the way, but didn't. We even had some fantastic weather in september so that I could fill in one walk with Jessie that I'd done on my own. And completed all the others that I'd done before Jessie's time with us. So it left us both to complete on Slight Side. The day before we looked across Eskdale from Green Crag and just hoped nothing was going to go wrong.

Tags: crohn's, walklakes Written 23/12/14 

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