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I've been doing the shots weekly for 3weeks now so it's time for an update.

In general, I am doing much better. Hmmm, do you want details? probably not so I'll spare those. Just take my word for it! Almost normal most of the time. However, I do have days where the symptoms return again. Yesterday was one such day. I have my suspicions as to the cause but I haven't had much of a pattern to go on so I'm jumping a little to conclusions.

One good pattern recognised is coffee. Sadly it seems I can't drink the stuff to wake me up, or give me a boost in the afternoon. At all. So that's out. The consequence is I've been very tired since with headaches on and off. Early days without caffeine sure, but I know the tiredness effect very well as in times past I've stopped drinking tea or coffee and suffered similarly.

Off to the gastroenterologist a week tuesday so a little more data points to capture before then. Conclusion so far is promising.

Unfortunately the weekly shots complicates logistics whilst I'm away somewhat. Hopefully a combination of a ciggy socket powered cold box and friendly fridges will enable me to keep my drugs cold enough.

Tags: crohn's Written 24/05/10 

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