Glas Maol and Cairn of Claise

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Or rather how not to do Tolmount and Tom Buidhe.

I had assumed a few warm-up walks post-lockdown would get me some fitness, and 12 miles with 1000metres of ascent is not huge especially as it's not hugely rough terrain. A few ups and re-ascents sure, but nothing excessive. Or so I thought.

Date started:30/08/20
Distance:9.1 miles
Time taken:22020
Moving time:4:51
Average speed:1.88mph
Maximum speed:3.30mph

Sgorr Ruadh

Looking down Glenshee
Looking down Glenshee

Creag Leacach
Creag Leacach

Straight from the car park the track is a rough and steep. Keeping it slow and steady I meandered my way up. It's a false summits kind of track, you think you've got to the top only to find another summit ahead... And another. It's a great way to gain height but I could not find my 'alpine pace' - that easy pace which allows you to climb continuously.

Looking over my shoulder at the view opening up down through Glenshee gave me occasional excuses to catch my breath.

The way up Glas Maol
The way up Glas Maol

Glas Maol summit
Glas Maol summit

At Glas Maol summit I turned what I thought was a sharp enough left but couldn't spot a path. I suspected it was over to my left but no bother as I could see the track below me that I wanted.

I was keeping an eye on the map, but struggled to recognise my 2 objectives for the day, Tolmount and Tom Buidhe. Hmm, skill fade for sure, as later I realised they were visually the other side of Cairn of Claise.

I didn't see a track branching off to Tom Buidhe at all. Checking the GPS I'd gone past it so carried on and found the other track, well really only a path, on the shoulder of Cairn of Claise. I was okay for time, but I was shattered. going out and back another 7km to pick up Tolmount and Tom Buidhe was not going to happen today. Not least because the way back to the car park would involve reascending Glas Maol.

Heading for Cairn of Claise
Heading to Cairn of Claise

Cairn of Claise summit
Cairn of Claise summit

My decision made I wandered over to Cairn of Claise, at least Skye could bag that one for a score of 2 new munros for her.

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