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South Glenshiel Ridge

The south Glenshiel ridge is a very long walk over 7 munros of 17miles, 1800+m of ascent and 2000m of descent as the end point is 200m below the start.  read more ...



Carn a' Chlamain (Blair Athol)

I planned a two day bike and hike based around Blair Athol and the Old Bridge of Tilt. I'd been here before when I walked Beinn a' Ghlo with the SWWG. With Anna away it was a good time to get the bike out.  read more ...



Ben Lomond

The campers the other side of the car park from me were still in their tent, asleep perhaps, or hiding from the midges. I was in Florence, unhampered and grateful. When they turned up late the previous evening I wondered where they came from. It wasn't an obvious stopping point on say the WHW. Or a cross Scotland walking route, or even a local route. It was on the NCN7 but they were walking, they couldn't be walking a hard packed or road route surely. Judging by the lass limping I'd guess they had walked a fair distance.  read more ...



The 3 middle Fannichs

Another walk with Anna and Liz. Meall a' Chrasgaidh, Sgurr nan Clach Geala, Sgurr nan Each are the 3 middle Fannich munros. They are mainly grassy, with the lower slopes steep and boggy. Whilst the walk in is short, the return journey is a long rough walk back. The names mean: the rounded hill of the crossing?, the peak of the white stones, and the peak of the horses respectively.  read more ...



Carn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise, Glas Maol, and Creag Leacach

Instead of Beinn Eighe in the rain I suggested to Anna a round of the 6 munros east of Glenshee ski centre. She bit my hand off. For some reason, possibly due to lightness of foot, I decided to wear my leaky trail shoes yet again. The goretex liner has given up at the edge where the shoe flexes with each footfall. And this I knew was going to be a boggy walk after a week of rain. D'oh.  read more ...



Slioch - beast of a walk

Situated at the south-east end of Loch Maree, Slioch is the massive 'castle' like hill from the car park at Slatterdale. Being on the opposite side to the road the access is via a 4+km walk in and out from Incheril on the outskirts of Kinlochewe. Which is not made easy by the roughness of the meandering path weaving along the edge of fields and crossing rough stream beds.  read more ...



Beinn a' Ghlo

Today I learnt... that I don't react well to stopping mid walk to have lunch. Getting going again was hellish and I never recovered my pace.  read more ...



Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich

I was aiming to do the 2 northern munros of the eastern Fannaichs, Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich and Sgurr Mor. However, when I finally reached BLMF, Sgurr Mor was just that step too far. Whilst I enjoyed kicking steps in a few snow slopes on the way up the unavoidable stretches of boulder field had taken there toll and I was becoming clumsy. A sure sign of tiredness. My fitness had suffered a lot over the winter as I'd not been able to get out as often as I would have liked.  read more ...



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