Snetterton - June 2003

Watching the saloon cars
Here we all spending the day Snetterton for a BARC meeting. The two cars nose to tail through Russell are a 5.6l Mercedes CLK and an Escort Cosworth.

Mercedes 5.7 in trouble
The Merc held off the Cosworth right up until the last lap when he came off worse in a clash at the first bend of Russell and ended up here ...

Hmmm ...
... using up some spare petrol left in the exhaust! He didn't manage to restart and had to be towed away.

A swarm of MGs
A swarm of MGs at Russell: how many cars can I get in one photo?

MGs battle it out
MGFs and an MGB fight it out

MGF wearing its tyre out
And this one came off slightly the worse later with the bodywork digging in to his front RH tyre, but he did make it to the end of the race despite the smoke every time he took a LH bend

Who's this birthday boy watching the racing?

Aon Global GT Lights
AON Global GT Lights doing their stuff

Tuscans fight it out
TVR Tuscans do battle

Tasmin in trouble
And one of them on a later lap who really doesn't want to be where he is. Everyone managed to avoid him until he could roar off to do battle again.

Formula Ford Zetecs battle it out
Formula Ford Zetecs process through Russell.


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