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The Addenbrooke's visit was fine. We met Fran who took an executive summary of my Crohn's history, asked if I would let them take some more blood for a genetics study, and talked to us about the Humira and the screening tests. And showed us the massive great self-injector pens. Lovely! Then sent us down to the phlebotomists for an armful of blood to be taken. I really hope they don't get lost as in the past I've had two lots of tests done there that have gone awry in some way enough that they have to be done again. My arms are only just recovering from the weekly tests done for the past 5 months or so. Avoiding more needles and delay would be good.

So today was delivery day, the fridge is now a slightly scary thing to visit. Some of the Bears have a similarly scary yellow sharps container to look after. I've avoided looking at the pens in any detail. I don't want to know until next week when I have to go to Addenbrooke's again to learn how to use them. Which will, of course, mean using 2 for real. Then next day 2 more at home. I'll probably get Paul to help me.

It's a funny feeling: kind of excited. This is really cool stuff. Developed in Cambridge by the biotech industry that has sprung up here almost as much as the electronics and software companies. And it's being used to help little old me. It's very serious stuff. If I get an infection it could be 'game over player one'. Chances of that happening are pretty slim but it has happened. I think it's only been used for about 5 years, and they know it can cause some types of lymphoma, and involved in making things like Multiple Sclerosis worse.

The worst bit is I'm going to inject it myself, at home. It's miles better than having to go into hospital, or visit the doctors surgery, to get the jabs. I just have to get over the whole needle and self-injection thing. Usually I look away. Just press the button, click!, watch the window and when it tells me release the button. Doesn't sound much. But I know it's going to hurt. It wont be fun. And I don't have any choice.

Tags: crohn's, medical Written 16/12/09 

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