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Tomorrow is the anniversary of the whole Crohn's thing kicking off, the 22nd of December 2008. I was sent to Addenbrooke's for an abscess to be lanced, and in the two days I was there, they looked at it and said I needed an operation, frightened the life out of me with all the things they might do, and did nothing. I saw a surgeon privately. Little did I know what was about to happen. The tally so far, to cut even a summary short, goes something like:

3 minor operations
2 colonoscopies
2 diets, 1 is ongoing
3 drugs for Crohn's, there has been others for the peripheral stuff
1 MRI - peripheral to Crohn's
1 other procedure "to have a look"
lots of blood tests
As well as numerous hospital visits. We started recognising, and being recongnised by, the staff at the Nuffield and Cambridge Lea's. Probably not such a great thing. I don't like hospitals much, even less when I'm feeling below par.

The drugs have been fun. Not. They all messed me up in some way, if I was lucky it was just a bit of feeling nauseous, stomach pain, and my potassium levels jumping up just enough to ring alarm bells. The last one.... well I'm really glad I'm off it. They were all cytotoxic in various ways.

So the new era tomorrow is moving on to a new strategy: The biologics. Hopefully I'll be able to report tomorrow that I successfully injected myself with Magic Goo - for some values of injected myself as the work is done by a pen device.

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