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Arrgghhh! I've gradually, over the past couple of days, become resigned to not making it north of the border this week. Which probably means it wont happen until the very end of the month due to the drug regime.

I've watched the chaos when a little snow fell with detached amusement, being a 4x4 owner, become a major event when snow the likes of which haven't been seen since the time our childhood memories were somewhat fresher.

The Cairngorms have become a formidable winter playground, with explosives being used to release avalanche hazards on Cairngorm itself for the skiers.

Then there are reports of avalanches in the Ochil hills. Together with reports that even on the west side of Scotland deep powdery snow is making what would normally be a reasonable short winter hill walk into an unduly arduous exercise in mountaineering.

So I thought maybe I'd brush up my mountain skills with a course at Glenmore Lodge, build on my winter skills course sort of thing, but my fitness just isn't good enough.

Bah humbug!

Tags: crohn's, glenmore lodge, outdoor, scotland Written 06/01/10 

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