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I don't know if it's the Humira or what, but I've been feeling pretty good since my last posting. I've had energy to do a few things: I recently went for a Big Walk (an approx 10mile walk from home) two consecutive days, as fast as possible. A month ago it was taking a good 5 hours. Yet I pushed myself hard and came home in 3.5hours and then just under 4 the second day including taking Jake with me. And I wasn't too bad the next day. I certainly felt it. However, there wasn't that utter exhaustion of before.

My brain feels like it's improving again too. The methotrexate made me feel like a zombie, I couldn't think properly most of the time, and not at all what one might describe as 'sharp'. It was truely awful.

Not that I feel like Tigger. I couldn't bounce to the North Pole and back. But at least I'm making progress at long last.

It was "Humira day" today. Two injections, went okay hurt a bit, not too much. Hopefully such a little cost for feeling so... well, more like a normal person.

I'll do anything to feel vaguely normal.

Tags: cambridgeshire walks, crohn's, medical Written 05/01/10 

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