How to turn a prescription request, into an epic...

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...take it to the Milton Tesco Pharmacy where they will not have enough stock to fulfill the 'script and instead give you a lame reason with a shrug of the shoulders that their supplier is "out of stock". Yeah and....? So during another visit a day or so later the pharmacist phones someone up and they 'find' some more boxes at another branch. Like I care where it comes from. The phone call seems to be considered a real favour to me... Uh? what? As in 'look what I've done for you, this amazing thing, I've phoned someone up to get hold of drugs for you!'.

I need the drugs because I'll be in pain if I don't, and going cold-turkey off a drug which is also used as a seizure treatment is probably not advisable. So you would have thought any pharmacy would make sure they had a good supply of such critical items, wouldn't you?

So we're up to two visits to the pharmacy to collect said prescription, which arrived on their premises around monday lunchtime. The delivery of drugs is now due for the saturday.

Not a great day to hassle them on a saturday, and anyway I don't know when they are going to be delivered. And I don't go in on sunday, I just can't be arsed. So monday I drive to the other side of the village; yeah I know, I should walk, or cycle. But my back hurts, and the morning dog walk has worn me out.

This time, a week after the script went in; they've lost my prescription. The drugs and the original script are no-where to be found. They look under the counter, on the side near the counter, and round the back of the shelves. It aint there.

"Could you come back and see the practice manager tomorrow?". I really should have ranted at them. but I can't be arsed. I've been waiting 15 minutes whilst they faff about and my legs and back are hurting. I've had enough. Really.

Tags: medical Written 03/05/10 

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