Beinn Ghobhlach

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The day started promising; lovely blue sky, snow on the tops of the mountains around us, no midgies.

The SMC Corbett book suggested we take the track continuing after the end of the public road for about 1km, then head up the hillside.

So we kept a close eye on the hillside looking for a plausible place to ascend, or a cairn, path or anything really. And found nothing. After the GPS said 1.1km we headed up anyway. It was horrible! Tufts of grass, odd bits of heather, bog, and it was steep.

Twas a lovely day mind.

...and Jake was enjoying keeping a close eye on his shadow.

I think if there is a next time with this hill, I will consider heading up the hillside barely 100metres from the car park and make use of the strata to effect a rising traverse along the natural ledges. The 50k doesn't show anything, and the 25k barely, but there are lines of very minor crag and grass ledges which can be used to effect an easier path towards the pt338 top and the col over which you are meant to head.

The two lochans with the strip of bog between them.

Rather than head up the hill, we decided that as we had more than enough slog 'up' for one day, we'd potter about, have second lunch, and head over towards the descent route.

One of the wee lochans has a beach!

We headed up a little further to the 300metre contour and traversed round until we could see up into Coire Dearg. The views behind us were fantastic.

Paul and Jake following the 300m contour.

Coire Dearg

As we followed the river down to the path, we saw loads of lizards. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a snapshot of one. So we'll have to make do with this caterpillar I did capture instead!

The walk back along the 'Scoraig path' was good.

Tags: outdoor Written 12/05/10 

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