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I haven't said anything about how I'm doing for a couple of months, so it must be time for an update.... Generally I'm doing okay. The weekly Humira shots are keeping me in remission. Well, as much as I'm probably going to be in remission anyway. Certainly asymptomatic. Can't be too sure what's going in on 'in there', if you know what I mean..., without looking. And I do not wish for another date with the camera for a while yet.

I took a while to also taper off Gabapentin, the neuropathic painkiller I was on due to back, jaw and other joints aching. It was good stuff, but I felt sedated. And I think it affected my hearing. I would hear something but not quite well enough to process it and fill in the gaps before the next word or phrase came along. So it seemed like I was going deaf. I am anyway, but only at the top end which is age related.... Hmmm I didn't think I was quite that old. Hurrumph.

The last week, maybe couple of weeks, I've not felt completely 100%. I'm suspecting that my reaction to 'problematic' foods is changing. I've been trying to expand the range of my diet. Including things like eggs, bacon, some fruit although tinned for now. In the past these would have caused me to visit the loo pretty quickly, and frequently for a few days, pulling me out of remission. However, I seem to be okay if I have bacon as a one off. But combine, or have these things on successive days gives me problems. And pain. Also my energy levels drop remarkably. Not much fun. But at least I can have something different once in a while without days of discomfort and the worry of doing lasting internal damage. Little steps, I keep telling myself, little steps.

Tags: crohn's, medical Written 29/07/10 

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