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It's what my GP said to me just yesterday. I mentioned I could happily lay awake all night just moving my left leg around the bed feeling the cool cotton sheets. It's almost sensuous. Not a word I'd use to describe your ordinary bog standard bed sheets usually. However stick a cast on your lower leg and foot for 3 months and you'll see what I mean. In fact the first night without the cast I did just that.

Harry had to go back to Addenbrooke's today. Yesterday evening he got rather noisy when there was no input. It wasn't feedback, it was like the crackle of a dodgy connection somewhere in a radio, sometimes reaching a nearby lightening storm crescendo. I'd had him just shy of two weeks. Amazing really how much I'd come to rely on him in such a short time. It was a huge relief to hear the audiologist say she'd replace him with a new one. They'd had quite a few people saying the same thing with this model of Harry. Apparently there are two wires inside that manage to rattle against each other, or something else, and cause a short, or something. I didn't have Harry at this point! I was concentrating on lip reading and making up words that might fill the gaps between what I could hear. She was programming a new one for me. Phew.

Long live Harry.

Tags: medical, wibble Written 28/07/11 

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