Navigation Course, Fri 26th Sept 08

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Last day!

We headed out of the Lodge towards Ryvoan Bothy but branched off at the Strath Nethy track. Each of us then took turns at navigating to a feature selected by Nathan, but not divulged to the others. They then had to say where they thought we were. My section was from about NO024105 for about 1.9km to the start of the river at NO038092. I estimated it would take me 44 minutes and it did pretty much.

We ended up at the 818m top and contemplated whether we had enough time to go up Bynack More and be back at the Lodge in time to sort ourselves and our gear out by the 5pm deadline for clearing our rooms. We didn't really, so Nathan showed us various stretcher techniques using walking poles and my survival bag for moving a casualty.

The route back involved more heather bashing, and bog hopping in Strath Nethy before a high speed route march back along the track. I used the poles and blistered along!

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