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I've been thinking of the lovely Honey Stinger Protein bars I can't have anymore, as they make my lungs shut down, and it occured to me I must be able to make something similar. Well not so much taste the same as do the same job. They really felt like they lived up to the hype... wasn't just a quick sugar jag and then nothing.

So a bit of fat, bit of sugar, some protein, and carbs. Hmmm. This tahini says it has lots of protein, maybe I could make something using it. The dairy free Bethbar was born!

Ingredients (approx - I was limited by the amount of honey I had in the cupboard so I used more sugar than I would have otherwise)

3 dsp honey
4 dsp dark muscovardo sugar
5 dsp sugar
1/4 jar light tahini
50g margarine
1 to 2 dsps cocoa powder
1 heaped tbsp plain flour
200g porridge oats

(dsp = large heaped dessertspoon)

Warm honey, sugar, tahini, marg in a saucepan until melted and fluid. Mix dry ingredients together and gradually stir in to saucepan. If the oats are quite tough, like organic oats can sometimes be add a little water. In fact add a little like a tablespoon or two anyway as it seem to help soften the oats and make a more coherent bar. Add more honey or sugar if the mix is going to come out too dry. Or add oats if too wet. When I made it, the mixture wanted to form a large 'dough ball' that almost cleaned the saucepan.

Spread mixture into a large greased baking tray (flapjack/shortbread type thing) and bake on moderate heat about 150c for about 15 minutes. It should have raised a little all over but not browned - it is pretty dark already!

I have to admit I tasted it as I went along and adjusted the quantities as I thought fit. If it goes into the baking tray tasting good it ought to come out okay.

Tags: outdoor Written 24/05/09 

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