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Whenever I go off to see a doctor, consultant, or surgeon, I like to have a good idea of what will happen, or what they'll have in the Goodie Box. You know, have the answers to the questions, well the initial questions, before you ask them. Power and all that.

This time I'm seeing someone different; my gastroenterologist's registrar. Not seen him before. Don't know him, or her as I haven't even got a name, don't know what they are like. And I don't like that. At all.

I'm just hoping he, or she, will be able to do something to help me back into remission pronto. I am slipping out - I'll spare the details.

The Humira does seem to be working, it's not as if it's lost all efficacy, just the maintenance dose does not seem to be enough. I'd like to bump up the dose; one a week, or two a fortnight. Even one injection every 10 days might do the trick.

Not sure I want to use the last-in-line drug yet; Infliximab. I'm sure it'll do great stuff. But what happens if I get used to that too?

Tags: crohn's, medical Written 25/04/10 

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