5x12 pentomino tiling

Paul Oldham

Me on Stac Pollaidh
On the way up Stac Pollaidh, May 2009

Welcome to my web pages. You can find out all about me here and about Beth, my reason for living, here.

If you've ended up here because you want to contact me as your Highland Councillor then you can get me via , WhatsApp or phone on 07901 287131. Please don't use any other method of contacting me.

If you've ended up here because you want us to help you with mapping, Linux, or Net issues then you need the www.the-hug.co.uk web site.

You can also find me on Mastodon, Rambling Readers, facebook, Instagram, and about.me.

You can now find a lot of my photos on tallpaul.org rather than Flickr.

You can contact me for reasons other than council:

  • at home by email as
  • at work by email as
  • via IM using WhatsApp or Signal on my mobile number ending 600
  • ... and on pretty much any video conferencing service to be honest, just ask.


I use the Gixen Bay Sniper to win items more cheaply on eBay by sniping. I recommend it. It's free to use.


Some Thoughts on Email Addresses

A friend of mine has been with her email provider since forever but they're now proving unreliable so she wants to move on and was asking for my thoughts so here goes.  read more ...

More from the Wiblog ...

I am currently reading:

The Scottish Clearances: A History of the Dispossessed, 1600-1900 by T. M. Devine Next in Line by Marion Todd

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