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The Addenbrooke's visit was fine. We met Fran who took an executive summary of my Crohn's history, asked if I would let them take some more blood for a genetics study, and talked to us about the Humira and the screening tests. And showed us the massive great self-injector pens. Lovely! Then sent us down to the phlebotomists for an armful of blood to be taken. I really hope they don't get lost as in the past I've had two lots of tests done there that have gone awry in some way enough that they have to be done again. My arms are only just recovering from the weekly tests done for the past 5 months or so. Avoiding more needles and delay would be good.  read more ...   (16/12/09)



So, day after tomorrow I go into Addenbrooke's for them to take blood for the screening tests. Not to see the phlebotomists that habitually loose my blood, but the gastro-enterology ward, because apparently it is not tested in the Addies path-lab but at another hospital. I was told what they were testing for but couldn't remember - my head started to spin a bit.   (08/12/09)


Walking in 2010

I'm going to be doing lots of walking in Scotland in 2010. I have thought about 44 Munro summit camps, being my age next birthday, but that'll be pretty tricky to find that many summits, or near summits, that are suitable. Not forgetting the fickle weather up there of course.  read more ...   (06/12/09)


Plan E

All the other Plans have either not worked well enough: Elemental, excellent response, but not enough. Or I didn't tolerate: azathioprine, mercaptopurine, and methotrexate we had to come up with another plan.  read more ...   (24/11/09)


Of Methotrexate and Life: another chapter

I didn't need the bucket by the bed! I went into the MTX regime full of hope; that I would tolerate it and it would do Good Things for me. It's has been the Gold Standard DMARD for Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years, so if my joint pains are an arthritis perhaps it would help with that as well as the Crohn's.  read more ...   (20/11/09)


More... part2

After a couple of days my stomach and back muscles had calmed down from the throwing up and my jaw ache was back with avengeance. Time to do something about that me thinks. By now the new receptionists at my doctors surgery are remembering my name. This is not good.  read more ...   (03/09/09)


More... part1

So much has happened since the last time I updated the blog... my lack of attention was probably related to the enthusiasm I felt for what was happening.  read more ...   (02/09/09)


Catching up with Crohn's

It's been a while since I posted about the fun time I'm having with Crohn's...  read more ...   (27/05/09)


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