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The Storr, and Old Man of Storr

We were on Skye for a day or so, and Paul fancied a stroll to see the Old Man of Storr. And on the excellent walkhighlands there is a circular walk taking the Storr, and the best views of the Old Man.  read more ...



Beinn Ghobhlach

The day started promising; lovely blue sky, snow on the tops of the mountains around us, no midgies.  read more ...



How to turn a prescription request, into an epic...

...take it to the Milton Tesco Pharmacy where they will not have enough stock to fulfill the 'script and instead give you a lame reason with a shrug of the shoulders that their supplier is "out of stock". Yeah and....? So during another visit a day or so later the pharmacist phones someone up and they 'find' some more boxes at another branch. Like I care where it comes from. The phone call seems to be considered a real favour to me... Uh? what? As in 'look what I've done for you, this amazing thing, I've phoned someone up to get hold of drugs for you!'.  read more ...   (03/05/10)


Counting time

I feel I am just counting time until the next injection of 'Magic Goo'(tm), so I can feel vaguely human again.  read more ...   (30/04/10)


Weekly Humira...

The registrar seemed to think that going to weekly injections of Humira (adalimumab) was probably the way to go, but it would need to be approved by my Consultant as he couldn't authorise it himself - it's too expensive!  read more ...   (30/04/10)



Whenever I go off to see a doctor, consultant, or surgeon, I like to have a good idea of what will happen, or what they'll have in the Goodie Box. You know, have the answers to the questions, well the initial questions, before you ask them. Power and all that.  read more ...   (25/04/10)


Beinn Ghlas

I parked at the Lawers visitor centre, now decaying slowly, and trudged up through an even more depressing 'nature reserve'. Vowing next time I'll start off elsewhere!  read more ...



Ben Ime, 2010-04-13

I chose this for the gentle, although relatively long, walk in. My knees had been hurting somewhat on steep descents so I wanted to take it easy. And the views around Arrochar are just stunning which ever way you look.  read more ...



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