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A Trip South


I've not had reason to post here for a while as things have been been pretty stable. And then there was the trip South for which I'd decided to fly as I'd not tried that route and it's both faster and cheaper than the train. That is unless of course you have a bird strike on take off and have to come back to Inverness.

So that resulted in a lot of faffing about at the airport until eventually I got smart and booked on the Caledonian Sleeper, getting to Cambridge Friday morning. So then the social round began. Lunchtime dim sum with the old crew, an afternoon of wandering around Milton visiting friends with new and newish babies, then back into Cambridge before heading out again for a beer and supper with the Friday night gang.

Which was all great. Until Saturday morning ...

The first warning was a really strong dizzy spell before the others got up which felt like my head was being wrung out. I already had a bad headache and had taken a couple of paracetamol so this was starting to shape up into something migrainous.

Off to the Wrestlers for Thai lunch and there I started to concerned. More dizzy spells. Walking home I had several more and in the end had to get them to stop while I held a railing for a bit.

So home and to bed for a few hours having topped up the paracetamol with a triptan. Still getting dizzy spells but now with added nausea and problems with short term memory combined with deja vu.

That was, hopefully, the end of it but what went on. I don't think it was a simple partial, although the memory issues reminded me of one. Instead I think, although I'm not sure, it was the mother of all migraines brought on by the travel stress followed by too much socialising.

Anyway it's now Sunday morning. We have a BBQ this afternoon but I can easily go hide in my bedroom for a while if I need to. I was meant to be going back to Milton tonight to meet friends but I'm going to scratch that one.

It's all very frustrating. I don't want to give up doing things like this. Life is for the living. But events like this remind me that it's now a more difficult road to travel.

Written 02/07/17

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