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Stroke Diary

Four plus years later ...

Wow, the last time I posted here was over four years ago. Which I guess is good news as it means nothing significant has happened. And that's the truth of it. I am still, touch wood, seizure free after four years and three months on Keppra.

I'm now also on flunarizine for migraine prophylaxis, which is working well in that it's reduced them to a frequency of around six a month so I can just inject without even thinking about it. And even if I don't inject they typically don't last as long. So they're far less debilitating.

And I have a car now, Zebedee, a 2016 150PS diesel Skoda Yeti, which is a joy to drive and I've driving further than I've ever done before.

In other news the Swiss Life/Phoenix permanent health insurance finished in 2020 when I hit 60, but that's fine as I'd planned for that from the start, so I'm ready for a financially comfortable retirement, although in truth I'm busier now than I've been at any point since by stroke as I'm now a local councillor as well as still keeping Hug Solutions going.

Written 11/07/23

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