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Beinn a' Ghlo

Today I learnt... that I don't react well to stopping mid walk to have lunch. Getting going again was hellish and I never recovered my pace.  read more ...



Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich

I was aiming to do the 2 northern munros of the eastern Fannaichs, Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich and Sgurr Mor. However, when I finally reached BLMF, Sgurr Mor was just that step too far. Whilst I enjoyed kicking steps in a few snow slopes on the way up the unavoidable stretches of boulder field had taken there toll and I was becoming clumsy. A sure sign of tiredness. My fitness had suffered a lot over the winter as I'd not been able to get out as often as I would have liked.  read more ...



An Socach (Braemar)

Another day where MWIS and MetOffice mountain forecasts was vastly different. And another day where the MetOffice were spot on. Come back Geoff Monk, you were vastly better than the current forecaster. And another thing.... I parked in a nice big layby for this walk because of signs at the entrance that said 'no parking, large vehicles/etc'. So what did I find when I got back down. Yup, parked all over the scenery including right on top of the entrance. Pretty arrogant I thought.  read more ...



A winter Cairngorm constitutional

The weather forecasts were really strange. MWIS was completely useless, using word like "some hills..." and "other hills..." without any hint where these better or worse conditions might be. Meto were only slightly better. At least they hinted there would be an inversion over the Southern Cairngorms but neglected to mention Northern Cairngorms at all! The latter's forecasts could be better timed, the evening before coming out well into the evening some days does not give much or any time to formulate plans.  read more ...



First taste of winter 2019 - Meall a' Bhuachaille

Having sorted out various ailments and the nasty coughing virus it was time to go for a walk. Forecast was for a nice morning before clouding over and the wind picking up around lunchtime. Snow was also expect but I only got a little flurry.  read more ...



Fionn Bheinn above Achnasheen

Fionn Bheinn in Gaelic means the white hill, which given it didn't appear white or even pale leaves something of a mystery. Achnasheen is the anglicised name of the burn that comes down the side of Fionn Bheinn and runs through the village, which is - Allt Achadh na Sine.  read more ...



(Almost) Bynack More in the snow

Having not been well the past couple of months and only recently recovering, I needed to get out. Rather than the traditional Meal a' Bhuachaille I chose the somewhat further munro of Bynack More. I hadn't been up it for many years and would give me a good work out. The past 2 days had seen close to zero temperatures and rain at Nairn. Hopefully I might get some snow. Feeling significantly down on fitness I opted to forego the ironmongery - ice axe and crampons. With the clocks changing I made use of the extra hour in bed which made the alarm in the morning slightly less unwelcome.  read more ...



Beinn a'Chaorainn and Beinn Bhreac

Beinn a'Chaorainn and Beinn Bhreac are situated in the middle of the Cairngorm plateau. North west of the Linn of Dee, and south east of Cairngorm itself. To the north lies Bynack More. East is Ben Avon. And west is Ben MacDui. Beinn a'Chaorainn being the northerly of the pair can be bagged from the north, but it's a very long walk in. I opted for the usual route from the Linn of Dee to do both together.  read more ...



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