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Glenmore and Abernethy Forest ride

I've been meaning to write up my bike rides for a while and this one is a suitable first as any. Whilst I've been to Rothiemurchus and Glenmore for a ride a number of times previously I wanted more of complete circular. Looking at the map I spotted a suitable route of forest track, a little road, and then more forest track to get back. Even more so it meant climbing through Glen More, past An Lochan Uaine (the green lochan to most people) to Ryvoan bothy which is my favourite low level stroll.  read more ...



Cairn Gorm 2010-01-28

The weather forecast was better than the previous day: winds of 20+mph gusting 35+mph. Much better than yesterday's gusting 50+mph. I decided to go for it.  read more ...   (28/01/10)


Ryvoan bothy, through the woods from Glenmore, 2010-01-27

The weather forecast didn't look great with wind gusting 50+mph so a low level walk was in order. This is just superb. Parked at the end of the road beyond Glenmore Lodge and set off along the track towards the Pass of Ryvoan. The trees in the glen here are fantastic, lichen hangs from the branches and grows around the trunks in the most amazing forms.  read more ...   (27/01/10)



Arrgghhh! I've gradually, over the past couple of days, become resigned to not making it north of the border this week. Which probably means it wont happen until the very end of the month due to the drug regime.  read more ...   (06/01/10)


Navigation course, the conclusions

The course taught me navigation. It was worth the money. And it was a nice place, but I'm not sure I enjoyed it as such.  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Fri 26th Sept 08

Last day!  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Thurs 25th Sept 08

It started with a bit of a lark. Nathan dropped us off not at the car park we expected, but 5 km further back. And refused to say if we were in the right place. I expressed doubt but was overruled by the rest of the group. Shucks, it didn't look right, I should have been able to back up it up.  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Wed 24th Sept 08

We were dropped off at the old Ciste car park. The place looked really sad with piles of rusting metal work.  read more ...   (07/10/08)


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