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Ben Rinnes - Overlooking the Spey

Ben Rinnes has been on my 'to visit' list for a while. An isolated Corbett standing on the south side of the River Spy between Glen Livet and Dufftown, not so much at the heart of whisky country but on the edge. It's not an easy place to get to from Nairn. I chose the middle route, direct, as far as possible. It took me past a lot of distilleries. But more on that later.  read more ...



The Arran Malt - 10yr old

I picked up a miniature of this Arran Malt - 10yr old recently, and I have to say it might replace Tobermory as my subtle malty standby.  read more ...   (14/01/10)


Walkabout 2010

I have a secret goal; it would be rather amusing if nearing the end of this year I had done so much walking in Scotland, that I was close enough to complete all the Munros. The chances of this happening are slim. Very slim indeed. But without a goal, what is there to Life? I will however settle for just having some cracking walks, a few wee drams, and a bit of decent smoked salmon. This little endeavour is being called Walkabout. Obviously.  read more ...   (09/01/10)