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Seizure or Migraine Aura


Today's fun and games has been three episodes of what I suspect is seizure aura. This is something I've had before and I think, although I'm not sure because if I do have a seizure it screws my memory of events immediately before it, that sometimes it's been before a full on seizure.

Anyway three of them, the first in bed as we were contemplating getting up, the second on the sofa in the sun room as we were having a pre-breakfast cuppa and the third while sitting at the table having breakfast. That last had me scurrying back to the sofa as I want to be in a safe cushioned place if a full on seizure did kick off rather than falling onto a hard floor.

Each one was much the same: a feeling of fear, like being on a high building looking down, dizziness, and an odd buzzy feeling from the nerves down my front from neck to groin.

Subsequently a full on migraine seemed to be kicking off so I down a triptan and I've spent the rest of the day on the sofa so far.

Unfortunately I had an appointment in town today but I've had to reschedule that.

Written 02/11/17

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