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Farewell Epilim, Hello Keppra


The title says it all really. Saw the epilepsy nurse today and she confirmed my suspicion that Epilim was no longer working effectively. Apparently this is pretty common with all AEDs: eventually the brain gets wise.

So the plan is to switch to Levetiracetam aka Keppra starting at 250mg a day and working up to 500mg morning and night over four weeks. Then we decrease the Epilim in 200mg steps until I'm completely off it (not sure how long that will take but she's writing to my GP).

Keppra is ... on the whole ... fairly benign. So no issues of weight gain (unlike Epilim, hurrah) and indeed it seems some lucky buggers lose weight on it. The only thing I've been warned to watch out for is a condition popularly known as "kepprage" (being irrationally angry at stuff).

Given that I'm seldom angry (externally at least) at anything this should, hopefully, be easy to spot if it's a problem.

So, fingers crossed that this all works out.

Written 04/05/18

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