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Infrequent updating

It's really been a horrible time these last few months. Breaking my foot was really the icing on the cake, a drunk f$%^wit's status Staffie out of control and an instant reaction which led me to 3 months in a lower leg cast I could have done without. No really. To be drip fed little, or wrong, information from the medical professionals supposedly looking after it... meant I was very grateful when Paul dragged my 'woe is me' sorry arse to the docs to deal with the depression that's been building a while. Happy drugs aren't really the answer but they do help. Being able to walk without lots of pain and a limp would be better however. Surgeon said foot will take a year for it to be anywhere near 'normal' again.  read more ...   (16/07/11)


A year of Humira

A year to the day. 22nd December last year I started on Humira, the other Crohn's treatments were just horrible, horrible and nasty, or plain zombifying! So it wasn't easy to start yet another drug and honestly I was scared witless. I wasn't too keen on injecting it myself either but it promised great things and there weren't many other options on the table. I actually chose it; I was asked Remicade or Humira? The former means going into hospital every 8weeks for half-a-day to have a mouse/human chimeric antibody infused into you. The latter inject yourself at home with the fully humanised antibody every two weeks with a point and click pen style injector.  read more ...   (22/12/10)


Good Days

We were in the park the other afternoon and bumped into some friends we haven't chatted to for a while, and one of them asked how I am... Which, thinking about it, made me realise how many good days I'm having now compared to just a few months ago. Back then I'd have said I thought I was 'alright, doing okay'. You know how it is, some people ask but they don't really want to know, it's just exchanging pleasantries. It's pretty rare now that I head for an afternoon siesta. I can do stuff around the house and not feel totally exhausted afterwards. Brain seems alive too. It's a nice feeling.   (24/09/10)


Little Steps

I haven't said anything about how I'm doing for a couple of months, so it must be time for an update.... Generally I'm doing okay. The weekly Humira shots are keeping me in remission. Well, as much as I'm probably going to be in remission anyway. Certainly asymptomatic. Can't be too sure what's going in on 'in there', if you know what I mean..., without looking. And I do not wish for another date with the camera for a while yet.  read more ...   (29/07/10)


Weekly Humira... update

I've been doing the shots weekly for 3weeks now so it's time for an update.  read more ...   (24/05/10)


How to turn a prescription request, into an epic...

...take it to the Milton Tesco Pharmacy where they will not have enough stock to fulfill the 'script and instead give you a lame reason with a shrug of the shoulders that their supplier is "out of stock". Yeah and....? So during another visit a day or so later the pharmacist phones someone up and they 'find' some more boxes at another branch. Like I care where it comes from. The phone call seems to be considered a real favour to me... Uh? what? As in 'look what I've done for you, this amazing thing, I've phoned someone up to get hold of drugs for you!'.  read more ...   (03/05/10)


Counting time

I feel I am just counting time until the next injection of 'Magic Goo'(tm), so I can feel vaguely human again.  read more ...   (30/04/10)


Weekly Humira...

The registrar seemed to think that going to weekly injections of Humira (adalimumab) was probably the way to go, but it would need to be approved by my Consultant as he couldn't authorise it himself - it's too expensive!  read more ...   (30/04/10)


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