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Outdoors Magic Brecon meet, 10 - 12th Oct 08

It was a last minute decision. If the weather was okay, and Paul was okay, then maybe we'd go. We did, and what an excellent weekend!...  read more ...   (14/10/08)


Navigation course, the conclusions

The course taught me navigation. It was worth the money. And it was a nice place, but I'm not sure I enjoyed it as such.  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Fri 26th Sept 08

Last day!  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Thurs 25th Sept 08

It started with a bit of a lark. Nathan dropped us off not at the car park we expected, but 5 km further back. And refused to say if we were in the right place. I expressed doubt but was overruled by the rest of the group. Shucks, it didn't look right, I should have been able to back up it up.  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Wed 24th Sept 08

We were dropped off at the old Ciste car park. The place looked really sad with piles of rusting metal work.  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Tue 23rd Sept 08

After some faffing we got a minibus to the Coire Cas car park. And headed into Coire an t'Sneachta, past the two lochans and up the head wall onto the Cairngorm plateau. We then picked up the path to Lochan Buidhe. We were now into pacing and timing everything. This was no exception.  read more ...   (07/10/08)


Navigation Course, Mon 22nd Sept 08

I'd arrived the evening before, just like it says to in the bumph. And it's true they have a bed reserved for you. I expected to have to share a room with someone else, but as it happens I had the room to myself for the week. And it was pretty good. I expected a Youth Hostel kind of thing, but this was much more hotel like.  read more ...   (06/10/08)


Glenmore Lodge Navigation Course

A while ago I decided it was time I went on a navigation course. Now, I could navigate sort of. It was just a case of looking at a map deciding where you are, and where you want to be next and walk there. Easy peasy. Right!...  read more ...   (06/10/08)


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