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So my new friend Dr Smith phoned me today (Nairn doctors seem to be very in to phone consultations, much more so than Milton, but that's fine with me). She tells me that, unsurprisingly, all the blood tests came back normal. But, as I said to her, it's reassuring all the same.

Anyway she's spoken to the neuro team at Raigmore and they want to see me. Getting me in front of a doctor may take a little while so it's possible I will get to speak to an epilepsy nurse first. All of which is fine.

The slightly bad new is that they've also suggested increasing the amount of Epilim Chrono (controlled release sodium valproate) that I'm taking.

At the moment I'm taking 700mg twice a day (as 1 x 500mg and 1 x 200mg tablets). They want me to increase that to 900mg per day for the evening dose.

In the UK the accepted maximum dose per day seems to be 2500mg so at 1600mg I've still got a lot of headroom but no doubt I'll get a few days of brain fuzziness until I get used to the increased dose.

Written 14/11/17

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