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Temporal Lobe Seizures


Today I went off to Inverness, which was a tale in itself, to see the epilepsy nurse, having been referred by Dr Smith. And the news is not good. The symptoms I had on Thursday, 2/11 and Wednesday 8/11 were of partial or "focal" seizures, in particular temporal lobe seizures.

I ticked all the boxes with:

  • a feeling of fear, like being on a high building looking down
  • dizziness
  • an odd buzzy feeling from the nerves down my front from neck to groin (a particular classic feature apparently - her husband gets them and he has this)
  • a (fake) strong smell
  • a strong sense of deja vu

She's going to write to my GP and me recommending that I stay on 700mg plus 900mg per day of Epilim Chrono with the option of increasing it to up to 1000mg morning and evening if necessary. If that doesn't work then it's time to try something else like Keppra.

I'm going to see her to review in six months.

Meanwhile at some point I'll get an appointment to see one of the three consultants who she says may want to do an EEG and, possibly, an MRI on me as the seizures have changed in character a bit.

Anyway that's no driving for a year from 8th November.

I had my licence of one year and 6 days this time, rather than the more typical three years.

Written 08/12/17

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