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More Aura


Today's fun and games has been four more episodes of what I now strongly suspect is seizure aura. As I said in last Thursday's post this is something I've had before and I think, although I'm not sure because if I do have a seizure it screws my memory of events immediately before it, that sometimes it's been before a full on seizure. These were similar to the ones last Thursday but with slightly less dizziness but with the added ingredient of (fake) strong smell.

Anyway four of them, the third while sitting at the table having lunch finally convinced me to phone the doctors' for an appointment.

They said someone would phone me. She did and while I was on the phone to her I had another one, this time without the smell but with the odd buzzy feeling from the nerves down my front from neck to groin which I'd had last Thursday and a very strong sense of deja vu.

No migraine this time though so it's not migraine aura, definitely looking like seizure aura.

Anyway we've agreed that I'll come off the 400mg per day of B2 (although I think I started that after Thursday so I think that's a red herring) and I'm going into the surgery tomorrow for a full blood work up to see if that throws up anything.

She was also talking about getting me some sort of neurological screening programme they have for people with seizures which I'm not on, possibly because we arrived in Nairn with them allegedly under control.

Written 08/11/17

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