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Off to the Doctor


After the fun and games of last Thursday and, especially, yesterday we went to the doctors' surgery this morning. Like Milton before them Nairn operate a triaging system so they can get people they want to see urgently in sooner than the routine appointments system.

In Nairn these people are handled by the "duty team" who, as far as I can make out, are the duty doctors for Nairn Hospital to which the surgery is attached.

The appointment was for 10:30am with Dr Lee Smith but Dr Erney who I spoke with yesterday had warned me I might have to wait a while as this appointment was outwith the normal GP appointment system and would depend on other demands which fell on the duty team that morning.

But it wasn't too bad, we had our phones to keep us amused anyway, and we got called shortly after 11am.

Dr Smith was very nice and reassuring. She went through most of the same questions as Dr Erney yesterday, checked my heart, lungs and blood pressure, tested all my reflexes (and, as usual, I failed the foot sole scratch test), and took blood which they're going to use to check thyroid, liver, and kidney functions (plus some other stuff too probably, I forget). So all in all a good general MoT.

As she said she wasn't really expecting to find anything but they need to do all this before they refer me on to a neurologist at Raigmore who can prod me more thoroughly and then decide whether to alter my meds or do anything else.

So all in all the NHS is, as ever, Doing The Right Thing™. Where would be be without them.

Written 09/11/17

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