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You'll remember that my last post was about using injectable sumatriptan to rid me of a migraine. That was four weeks and a day ago. Since then I've been completely migraine free despite being exposed to various things which would in the past be likely triggers. Beth and I have speculated as to why this has happened and the shortlist looks like this (in order of likelihood):  read more ...


As I've mentioned here many times migraines are the biggest problem for me post stroke other than the epilepsy. The most effective drug for these is a triptan. I started on Maxalt Melt (rizatriptan which you place under your tongue) but when the local CCG were tightening their belts they made my GP switch me to sumatriptan (which is now off patent so a lot cheaper).  read more ...


Today I moved onto phase two of the great Keppra switchover having been on full dose for a week. Moving to Keppra has been relatively painless, certainly compared to Epilim where every increase in dose would leave me like a zombie for a couple of weeks. With Keppra I had one bad day two days after going to 750mg and 1000mg a day but that was it.  read more ...


Hot on the heels of the news from Phoenix I finally heard back from Aegon, who are the proud owners of one of my two pensions. This is the one that my last employer paid into and of course that stopped in 2002 when I had to give up the job. Sad but that's the way it goes and I didn't think any more of it at the time.  read more ...


It's the best part of a decade since I've mentioned Phoenix in this blog but they have been a very significant part of my life since my bleed as they are responsible for a major part of my income for the last sixteen years and so have helped Beth and I live the life we wanted to live, within the limitations of both of our medical conditions.  read more ...

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