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You've got to start somewhere so here's a photo taken with my new camera, which arrived yesterday. It's a Samsung EX11 which I picked up on eBay, ex-demo stock, for a song. I was after a PASM compact and this one appealed to me, especially as it had a very fast F1.8 lens, as this photograph illustrates, letting me play with depth of field. It's still a small sensor, nothing like as big as micro four-thirds, but it's twice the size of a typical compact.

  1. That page currently claims the lens is F = 4.9 - 19.6mm (35mm film 3.5mm equivalent: 27.5 ~ 110mm), that's wrong: it's 5.2 - 15.6mm (35mm equivalent 24 ~ 72mm).

Tags: photos, toys Written 07/08/12
File Name:chained.jpg
File Size:1285KB
Date/Time Taken:2012-08-07 19:21:45
Exposure Time:1/45s
F Number:f/1.8
Focal Length:5mm
Focal Length In 35mm Film:24mm

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