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Ordnance Survey Benchmark

You may have seen one of these before on your travels. This is the one on All Saints' church here in Milton. It's an Ordnance Survey benchmark, a type called a "cut mark" one, i.e. it's carved into the stone. If you look it up in their database it's 7.646m above sea level and 1.1m above the ground and it's a secondary mark. Last levelled in 1971. Verified in 1984.  read more ...


Processing 120 Negatives

I'd been loaded some old negatives, mainly 120 film format which I wanted to get scanned as they were from an old village family called Conder and there was a suspicion that they might be photos of the village we could add to the Milton Photo Archive.  read more ...


Pubs at Dusk

Inspired by a friend of mine who's been doing this in Scotland I went out last night with the NEX-6 to try taking photos of some of the local pubs in the twilight. It wasn't quite dark but it wasn't far off. Some came out rather well. Here's the best so far. Two more pubs to try.


Spring at Milton Hall #3 Reprised

You may remember that I took a photo of this gravestone in Milton Hall last month. I said at the time that it would have worked better with some side illumination to bring out the writing and today turned out to be the day so here it is again with the sun in just the right place.

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