5x12 pentomino tiling

Spring at Milton Hall #3


Nothing to do with spring at all but I've been meaning to take a photo of this gravestone in the grounds on Milton Hall for ages and it worked well in black and white1. It would have worked better with some side illumination to bring out the writing mind you. Another day.

  1. I have clone brushed out three scratches from the stone.

Tags: Milton, photos Written 16/02/14
File Name:20140216-03.jpg
File Size:4339KB
Date/Time Taken:2014-02-16 11:09:06
Exposure Time:1/200s
F Number:f/5
Focal Length:60mm
Focal Length In 35mm Film:90mm
Location:0° 9' 55.07" E,   52° 14' 41.64" N

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