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Spring at Milton Hall #3 Reprised


You may remember that I took a photo of this gravestone in Milton Hall last month. I said at the time that it would have worked better with some side illumination to bring out the writing and today turned out to be the day so here it is again with the sun in just the right place1.

  1. With thanks to a passing Mary-Ann for the work as photographer's assistant - whose photo which also has the merit of giving you an idea of the size of the thing.

Tags: Milton, photos Written 29/03/14
File Name:20140329_084429_3.jpg
File Size:5326KB
Date/Time Taken:2014-03-29 08:44:29
Exposure Time:1/60s
F Number:f/8
Focal Length:82mm
Focal Length In 35mm Film:123mm
Location:0° 9' 55.07" E,   52° 14' 41.64" N

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