5x12 pentomino tiling

First Stacks


I didn't post here yesterday, partially because I wasn't well, and partially because when I was I was too busy with other things. In particular struggling to get the UFRaw plugin for GIMP to use lensfun correctly. All of which is necessary if I'm going to manipulate Nikon .NEF raw files from the new toy. Today when I felt well enough Beth and I found the problem 1 so I was able to run by updated version of the stacking script of some stacked .NEF images I'd taken yesterday in the sunshine. Here's one of them2.

  1. ~.ufrawrc didn't include the rune <AutoCrop>1</AutoCrop> so although it was correcting the lens distortion it wasn't then cropping the corrected image to be rectangular.
  2. I've pushed the saturation a bit but otherwise it's pretty much as it was off the camera. Not an image that really needed a stack to be honest: not enough shadow for it to be a problem, but whatever, just playing about at the moment.

Written 01/03/13
File Name:0018_20120228_130806_stacked.jpg
File Size:6694KB
Date/Time Taken:2012-02-28 13:08:06
Exposure Time:1/160s
F Number:f/6.3
Focal Length:33mm
Focal Length In 35mm Film:48mm

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