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2/365 - Resolutions ...


Yesterday, via reddit, I came across an article FREE Download: Get A Calendar Full of Photo Ideas For Your 365 Project and it is what it says on the tin: a calendar, and for every day of the year there's suggested subject for your 365 photo.

This seems like an excellent idea to me. They're very broad and, generally, open to all sorts of interpretations. 2nd January for examples is "Resolutions" and Beth suggested a photo of my building trade ruler that lets you measure distances directly off plans.

Here's we have 1:1 and 1:100 lines at the top and 1:20 and 1:200 on the bottom (on the other side is 1:5 / 1:50 and 1:1250 / 1:2500). When I was on the parish council this was dead handy for checking dimensions on plans.

Anyway I don't intend to slavishly follow it, but it does give me a fall back if I can't find anything else to photograph.

Tags: photos Written 02/01/17
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