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30/365 - Out in the Moray


Another sunny afternoon so we strolled down to the beach and I took the 70-210mm to get some photos of Petroatlantic, the tanker that's a regular visitor here, and Olympic Ares, a multi purpose offshore vessel who's also on the moorings out there at the moment.

It wasn't a complete success if I'm honest: they're about 7km and 4km away respectively and I'm not convinced that the lens is focusing to infinity with the adaptor I'm using (although it might just be haze).

This is quite a heavy crop, even shooting at 210mm, and I've also sharpened it up quite a lot to try to get some life back in it ... but I'm not entirely convinced.

Written 30/01/17
File Name:20170130_142938_00524_crop.jpg
File Size:1196KB
Date/Time Taken:2017-01-30 14:29:38
Exposure Time:1/500s
F Number:f/8
Focal Length:unknown
Focal Length In 35mm Film:
Lens Model:Minolta MD Zoom 70-210mm f/4

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