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50lb at 50


I've been pondering what to do for a second 50 at 50. Now I'm currently 250lb or 17st 12lb in real money. However you want to express it that's too much weight to be carrying: my BMI is now 30.4 so I'm clinically obese. So here's my second 50 at 50: lose 50lb in 2010.

My current weight is pretty depressing really: I hardly drink now whereas pre-2002 I was going out to the pub at least once a week and downing four pints or more. I'd often do that twice or fit in another pint or two on a lunchtime somewhere. That's a lot of calories I'm missing out on now. Plus I've been doing a lot of walking in the last eighteen months while I've not been driving. But despite this I've gone up from 15.5st to over 17.5st since my stroke.

I put it down to a combination of things:

  1. old age - allegedly your metabolism starts to slow down so you need less calories
  2. no swimming - I used to swim with a bunch of people every week but we stopped doing that
  3. anti-seizure meds - I take sodium valproate now and a known side effect of that is weight gain

Losing 50lb would bring me down to 14st 4lb which would do wonders for my BMI bringing it down to 24.3 - still on the high side mind you as you're meant to be in the range 20-25. However I'd be very happy with 14st 4lb, in fact I'd be happy with 15.5st or 217lb but "Losing 33lb at 50" doesn't have the same ring about it.

Anyway here's a chart. Let's see how I do.

Written 09/01/10

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On 08/02/10 at 9:14am Jez wrote:

BMI is becoming increasing discredited as an accurate measurement of obesity. It tends to give tall people a much harder time than those of average height. It also takes no account of body type or shape. Some people are beanpoles, some are chunky monkeys. There is evidence that those who are slightly overweight actually live longer and suffer less disease than those of a "normal" BMI. E.G. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8483456.stm news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4468001.stm

Waist circumference and hip/waist ratio are a much better indicator of the amount of fat you're carting around. If you"re over 40", then you need to loose it. www.bbc.co.uk/health/healthy_living/your_weight/medical_bmi.shtml

So, while I applaud your efforts, I wouldn't overdo it. Loose the love handles, nothing else. ;-)

On 08/02/10 at 10:37am Paul wrote:

I've always worried about BMI too. I know that at 15.5st I look just fine but that puts my BMI as 26.4 or "overweight". I have to get closer to 14.5st to get my BMI below 25 ("normal") which seems dubious to me and in truth if it wasn't for the "50 at 50" meme my target would have probably been 15.5st.

Anyway my waist today is 43" according to this tape measure ...

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