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50 trains at 50

So what's this all about? Well it all started with this posting to my Wiblog back at the start of December. In it I proposed to undertake various trips around the UK and beyond which would result in me spending at least fifty days in 2010 travelling by train in order the celebrate my 50th birthday in July 2010.

It's worth mentioning in passing that there is no way I could have even thought about doing this in 2009 as this post of Beth's makes clear. It was only when we could start seeing some light at the end of that particular tunnel that we could even consider this, and Beth's health (and indeed mine which is, as ever, up and down) may scupper it all in the end.

But let's be positive. Since we first came up with this plan things have slowly been coming together.

  • I have a new phone connected to giffgaff so I can easily keep up with my business email and post about my progress while on the move.

  • I'm upgraded this web site so that I can post Twitter tweets directly into this section of the site.

  • I've now got a plan coming together over on our public Wiki with over forty days pencilled in.

  • We've booked a cottage in Scotland which will form a stopping off point during one of my trips.

  • Beth's plans for 2010 mean we can meet up in Scotland occasionally and I can provide drop off and pick up for linear walks for some of the Munros she wants to do.
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