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50 at 50 - An Introduction

This started off back in November when Beth and I were discussing how I should celebrate my 50th birthday, which happens in July 2010. I blogged about that here but in essence what we came up with was an idea to do 50 train journeys, which in turn means I can do some interesting things, hence 50 trains at 50.

But from the start I've been looking round for other things to do and I've now added 50lb at 50 where I'm aiming to lose 50lb in 2010. You can follow my progress on that on this chart.

I'm still looking for other things to do 50 of in my 50th year so let me know if you've got any ideas.

50 at 50:
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The Scottish Clearances: A History of the Dispossessed, 1600-1900 by T. M. Devine Effie's War by Philip Paris

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