5x12 pentomino tiling

RMC Tokina II 24mm f/2.8

I picked this lens up cheap and wasn't sure if I'd keep it initially but it turned out to be a cracking lens.

It's a real pleasure to shoot with, easy to use, and it takes good photos. See for example these photos (ignoring the first three) from a trip to Southwold or these from the charity races at Nairn.

Of the second set I particularly like this one (this is straight off the camera, as are all the photos in both albums except one which I straightened up a bit):

So I couldn't resist cropping it, sharpening it a bit, lightening the shadow and taking it to black and white thus:

Click on either photo to see it full size.

The problem is does have, which isn't uncommon with lenses of this age where they'd not really cracked multi-coatings, is flare. I found veiling flare in some images even when I was pointing well away from the sun.

It came with a rubber lens hood which screws into the filter ring so I'm keeping that on as I suspect it helps (it doesn't with ordinary flare but might might with veiling flare).

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