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Since I bought the Sony NEX-6 I've become a little obsessed with buying lenses. If you're old like me and remember film cameras then bear in mind that the NEX-6 has an APS-C sensor so you have to multiple any focal length by 1.5 to work out what a lens would be equivalent to on a film or full frame camera. This is good news if you want longer equivalent focal lengths but bad for wide angle.

It's also possible to pick up very good "legacy" lenses on places like eBay for very little money. More by accident than design I've chosen to use Minolta lenses, or at least Minolta SR mount lenses (I've recently discovered some good Tokina lenses with SR mounts too).

In January 2017 I bought a Sony α7II which is the full frame equivalent of the NEX-6 and has in body image stabilization (IBIS). IBIS makes a huge difference on these lenses giving me a good three stops or more of useful range which is making these older lenses even better value.

Anyway here's a list of the lenses I've owned in the past or own now. Clicking on any sample photo will take you to either the full size version or a Flickr page where you can look at it in more detail.

Lenses I Own Now

This list is ordered by time acquired. All lenses were bought on eBay unless otherwise stated and prices, where shown, include P&P, if any.

Lenses I've Owned in the Past

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