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50 at 50


In 2010 to celebrate my 50th birthday in July I'm doing 50 of various things and I'm blogging about it as I go.

Paul ... is setting sail for Lerwick
31/08/10 at 4:28pm (via twitter)
Paul ... is waiting to check in at Aberdeen ferry terminal
31/08/10 at 1:42pm (via twitter)
Paul ... just crossed the Forth on the rail bridge. Wow!
31/08/10 at 10:55am (via twitter)
Paul ... is leaving Edinburgh today for #screenplay on Shetland
31/08/10 at 7:36am (via twitter)
Paul ... thought Chris Addison was bloody brilliant #edfringe
30/08/10 at 10:04pm (via twitter)
Paul ... is first in the queue for Chris Addison ... far, far too early
30/08/10 at 7:14pm (via twitter)
Paul ... is auditing his remaining clean washing and suspects he'll run out before he gets home. Let's hope Lerwick has a $M&S
30/08/10 at 8:50am (via twitter)
Paul ... can see the Angel of the North [photo]
27/08/10 at 1:21pm (via twitter)
Paul ... IS ON THE TRAIN (ah the joys of free on train WiFi)
27/08/10 at 11:28am (via twitter)
Paul ... is packing
26/08/10 at 11:01am (via twitter)

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