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50 at 50


In 2010 to celebrate my 50th birthday in July I'm doing 50 of various things and I'm blogging about it as I go.

Written 24/08/10

This was a quick weekend trip which Steve had been proposed on Outdoors Magic - meeting at Newton-upon-Rawcliffe for a weekend of walking on the North York Moors. As Newton-upon-Rawcliffe is just up the hill from Levisham on the North York Moors Railway this seemed like an obvious candidate to get some train days in.  read more ...

Paul ... has swapped a train for something more like a bus [photo]
20/08/10 at 1:31pm (via twitter)
Paul ... is on the train. Must be time again
20/08/10 at 11:17am (via twitter)
Paul ... is off on the bus (and the train natch) for another little adventure
20/08/10 at 8:05am (via twitter)
Written 17/08/10

haz OS Landranger 3 and 4 and is preparing for an adventure [link]

Paul ... has booked his all his tickets for ScreenPlay [link]
12/08/10 at 12:45pm (via twitter)
Paul ... on the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company ferry to Heysham (and back in free mobile data range again, hurrah)
04/08/10 at 11:09am (via twitter)
Written 03/08/10

has travelled on the IoM steam railway so that the railways of Mann done. Tomorrow back to the UK and head towards Ribblehead

Paul ... has been up Snaefell on the train but only saw cloud
02/08/10 at 5:20pm (via twitter)
Paul ... is no longer in the UK, or even the EU, but the only real difference so far is yet another variation of sterling notes in his wallet
01/08/10 at 11:21pm (via twitter)

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